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mewl / ныть, хныкать, мяукать
whine, ache, complain, hurt, nag, mewl
whine, snivel, whimper, whinge, pule, mewl
mew, meow, miaow, miaou, mule, mewl
(especially of a baby) cry feebly or querulously; whimper.
dozens of mewling babies
And they mewl and cry, their symphony invested with irony, which I merely attribute to a vein in the quartz.
Her arms tightened around the purring cat involuntarily, causing him to mewl with displeasure and wiggle free of her grasp.
The little Orion whimpered and mewled quietly, helpless to everything around him.
Similarly, there are residential areas where only the elders dwell, and which are strictly off limits to the young, everyone from mewling infant to energetic teenager.
She rocks the baby, who is mewling hopefully near her breast.
This evening, when I got in from work, sitting on the back step and mewling plaintively was a small cat with a black splodge on his chin, and all his fur intact.
He picks her up and carries her off as he leaves, and the kitten mewls happily in is arms.
There is a t-shirt on sale over here showing the Lions before and after the Test matches, with a magnificent lord of the jungle reduced to a mewling pussycat to illustrate their descent.
Slowly, they emerge out of a cloud of dust, like a weary ragtag army retreating from battle, a column of guests hauling enormous suitcases and mewling children.
Max apparently got impatient and decided we were paying too much attention to each other and not enough to her, because she jumped on Reid's shoulder and started rubbing her head against his neck, purring and mewling loudly.