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mew / мяукать, сажать в клетку, линять
mew, meow, miaow, miaou, mule, mewl
сажать в клетку
encage, cage, mew, coop
molt, fade, moult, run, bleed, mew
имя существительное
meow, mewing, miaow, mew, miaou
gull, seagull, mew, sea mew
molt, molting, moult, moulting, mew, exuviation
имя существительное
the high-pitched crying noise made by a cat or bird.
a kitten's mew
a cage or building for trained hawks, especially while they are molting.
Bobby hoisted his one-year-old son, Aidan, into a backpack and went to transfer two pet hawks from their outdoor weathering perch to an indoor mews .
(of a cat or some kinds of bird) make a characteristic high-pitched crying noise.
a throng of cats and kittens mewing to be fed
(especially of a trained hawk) molt.
The word itself derives from the royal stables at Charing Cross in London built on the site where the royal hawks were once moulted or mewed .
confine (a trained hawk) to a cage or building at the time of molting.
a kitten's mew
As she walked, she heard a fleeting mew from Ruby, who seemed to be getting anxious.
A mew broke into Grace's thoughts, and she blinked down at the small kitten, who was attempting to make off with her fishnets.
Then I heard the red-head chattering and the plaintive mew of the sapsucker.
The cat got off him and gave a little mew like a child guilty of stealing cookies.
The mystery at its heart is never very gripping, and the final twist seems both unnecessary and tame - a kitten's mew instead of a tiger's snarl.
Its call is a soft mew that could be mistaken for a cat in distress.
a kitten's mew
She grabbed him by the ankle, and he let out a small mew , jerked, and might have broken free if she had not tightened her grasp.
There was a high-pitched mew , and one of the kitten's paws slashed up against the girl's right hand.