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metropolitan / столичный, относящийся к метрополии, относящийся к митрополиту
имя прилагательное
относящийся к метрополии
metropolitan, home
относящийся к митрополиту
имя существительное
archbishop, provincial, primate, metropolitan, hierarch
житель столицы
имя прилагательное
of, relating to, or denoting a metropolis, often inclusive of its surrounding areas.
the Boston metropolitan area
of, relating to, or denoting the parent state of a colony or dependency.
metropolitan Spain
of, relating to, or denoting a metropolitan or his see.
a metropolitan bishop
имя существительное
a bishop having authority over the bishops of a province, in particular (in many Orthodox Churches) one ranking above archbishop and below patriarch.
Specifically, the Board urges a revival of the oversight role of metropolitans , i.e., archbishops overseeing bishops in their province.
an inhabitant of a metropolis.
the sophisticated metropolitan
By an anomaly, however, none of the ten bishops had the status of archbishop or metropolitan .
Several studies have found that violent crime is higher in American metropolitan areas where the distribution of income is more unequal.
In some cases the laws were enacted by the local society, including resident slaveowners; in others it was imposed by the metropolitan government to control slavery in distant colonies.
It is now possible to transfer a licence from a rural area to metropolitan and city centre locations for the purpose of establishing a new licensed premises.
In the Catholic Church, metropolitan priests generally outnumber Antillean.
The churches in both kingdoms acknowledged the Coptic patriarch as their head and he consecrated their metropolitan bishops.
For the idea of development which was framed in the nineteenth century at the metropolitan centre of Europe as well as in the peripheral colonies, had this object at its centre from the outset.
This will help the rural people from these villages to take their products to nearby towns and metropolitan cities where there is a market for their products.
A patriarchal election council chose metropolitan bishop Kiril of Plovdiv for Bulgarian patriarch.
The French considered Algeria to be part of metropolitan France, not a colony, and over a million French citizens lived there.