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metronome / метроном
имя существительное
имя существительное
a device used by musicians that marks time at a selected rate by giving a regular tick.
The use of metronomes , electronic tuners or other mechanical devices will not be allowed during the contestant's performance.
In her own teaching, she focused on students' technical and musical problems one at a time, advised practicing slowly and advocated use of the metronome .
Many students may need to be introduced to effective practice methods such as repetition, playing with a metronome , woodshedding and visualization.
This is the stuff of unrestrained release - hardly a place for a handy metronome and the prison of barlines!
There's no rules, and Mozart was before the age of the metronome .
We all need the music teacher's most basic pedagogical tool, the metronome .
Twice in rehearsal, he adjusts his pocket metronome to the deejay's pulse, deferring to the dominant instrument.
As the movement progresses there is, of course, flexibility of tempo as measured against a metronome but everything seems so solid and inevitable.
Study of these works should not be attempted, nor can mastery be achieved, without consistent and disciplined use of the metronome .
This may include practicing for a predetermined amount of time per day or utilizing the metronome to improve rhythm.
The water splashed back and forth, smooth and steady, keeping time like a metronome .