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metrical / метрический, измерительный
имя прилагательное
metric, metrical
metering, metric, metrical
имя прилагательное
of, relating to, or composed in poetic meter.
metrical translations of the Psalms
of or involving measurement.
a metrical analysis of male and female scapulae
Other phonic features are added to the basic metrical pattern of verse, with or without rhyme.
This enabled him to achieve a metrical translation of sixteen plays, including all the histories, which paid sensitive respect to the nuances of form as well as to semantic meaning.
A hymn can be defined as an original composition by an author while a metrical psalm or paraphrase is an author's arrangement of an existing biblical text.
The morphological and metrical analyses indicate that all the studied material should be assigned to a single species.
In Bogdanowicz and Owen's analysis, 45 metrical and 30 discrete-state characters in 57 extant hipposiderid species were examined.
Walsh's metrical translations mirrored the assonance of the originals.
Emphasize that the measure's metrical structure is of primary importance and should be solidified before the ornaments are added.
Bogan was not only a great metrical poet but one whose employment of both free verse and vers libéré provided her with enormous artistic power; she knew when, and how, to loosen out her line.
What, then, was the early modern experience of metrical rhythm?
Like jazz, rap extravagantly syncopates a flexible rhythm against a fixed metrical beat thereby turning a traditional English folk meter into something distinctively African-American.