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metric / метрика
имя существительное
metrics, metric, certificate of birth
имя прилагательное
metric, metrical
metering, metric, metrical
имя прилагательное
of or based on the meter as a unit of length; relating to the metric system.
all measurements are given in metric form
relating to or denoting a metric.
Progress was being made in that gravitation was described for the first time by the metric tensor but still the theory was not right.
relating to or composed in a poetic meter.
Humor raises no such difficulty, for it is a purely formal device, more akin to the metric pattern of verse than to that of a trope.
имя существительное
a system or standard of measurement.
This means that worst-case measurements of system metrics are the only thing that matters to a hard real-time application, because these are the cases that cause a missed deadline.
metric units, or the metric system.
it's easier to work in metric
the meter of a poem.
Here, as in Harper's later volumes, musical rhythm replaces traditional metrics in the poetry without sacrificing craft.
in adjectives corresponding to nouns ending in -meter (such as geometric corresponding to geometer and geometry ).
Also painfully absent is any discussion of the poetry, of the metric and formal characteristics of these texts, their historic or social changes, or their regional idiosyncrasies.
Most students will more immediately comprehend data given in the text because of the use of English rather than metric units.
The minister said the review will be part of a planned changeover to metric speed limit signage, from MPH to kilometers per hour.
Isoperi metric problems have been a source of important mathematical ideas and techniques since classical antiquity.
A button can also convert a number between Imperial and metric units, or look up a word in the dictionary, or fetch data from a database or Web site.
This system contains most of the metric units you are used to, like meters and kilograms, but also includes units for many other physical and engineering properties.
I've yet to find one customer to ask for anything in metric , and you can ask any customer I serve and I do serve a lot of customers.
The Robertson-Walker metric which Walker mentions in this quotation arose from joint work which he did with his colleague H P Robertson in the late 1930s.
The metric should also measure the degree to which the compliance system adopted by a company is effective beyond merely the regulatory requirements specific to FDA.
A Banach space is a real or complex normed vector space that is complete as a metric space under the metric induced by the norm.