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metonymy / метонимия
имя существительное
имя существительное
the substitution of the name of an attribute or adjunct for that of the thing meant, for example suit for business executive , or the track for horse racing.
Another characteristic of the semantics of slang is the tendency to name things indirectly and figuratively, especially through metaphor, metonymy , and irony.
The piece foregrounds the poetic tension between metaphor and metonymy which, I have argued elsewhere, exist in each other.
The cool universe of digitality has absorbed the world of metaphor and metonymy .
Like words, they signify things beyond themselves by means of linguistic devices such as metaphor and metonymy .
To do this, he mediates through symbols, metaphors, allegories and metonymy to transmute his experiences of the phenomenal world.
If metaphor established a Burkean epistemology (perspectival knowledge), metonymy establishes language as the foundation of that epistemology.
But at least as many clues can be found in a culture's use of metaphor and metonymy based on X to name other things, its words from X.
Traditional and cognitive rhetorics differ most markedly in their approach to metaphor, metonymy , and other figures.
Allegory cuts across metaphor and metonymy , the image is both fragment and performs a figurative function.
Although Burke's conventional definition of synecdoche (a part for the whole) sounds strikingly similar to metonymy , it functions for him as a corrective to metonymical excess.
What one misses in the discussion of divination as metaphor, metonymy , semantic privilege, and etiological discourse is how it relates to real individuals and specific occasions where actual ritual implements are utilized.