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method / метод, способ, методика
имя существительное
method, technique, way, mode, process, how
way, method, process, manner, means, mode
methods, method
имя существительное
a particular form of procedure for accomplishing or approaching something, especially a systematic or established one.
a method for software maintenance
what's your preferred method of communication?
historical study is the rigorous combination of knowledge and method
They rarely come close enough for a good photograph unless they are lured in by some method .
a method for software maintenance
After a few minutes of this without a burp I decided to try another tried and tested method .
Driving the ribbon by this method would be opposite to our existing arrangement.
lack of method
I feel that this would be safer than the situation now is with no legal method .
a new method for transferring phone numbers
A much better method is to grab a leg in each hand and pull violently in opposite directions.