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methadone / метадон
имя существительное
a synthetic analgesic drug that is similar to morphine in its effects but longer acting, used as a substitute drug in the treatment of morphine and heroin addiction.
I am pumped full of drugs: methadone , morphine, opium, marijuana, the whole lot.
Most people know of methadone only as the drug used to withdraw heroin addicts.
He said she was prescribed such large amounts of the heroin substitute methadone that she could stockpile it.
Only this week I have had ketamine and methadone , both controlled drugs that merit an article themselves.
The project, the first of its kind in the York area, aims to help addicts of heroin and other opiate drugs such as methadone .
These were followed by methadone , then amphetamines and methamphetamines.
The alternative treatment for heroin addiction is the drug methadone which is taken in tablet form.
Drug workers stress that methadone is just one option for treatment that is appropriate only in certain cases.
Some addicts become as reliant on methadone as they were on heroin.
Among the treatments offered are prescriptions for the heroin substitute methadone and structured courses of day care.
He thought he could carry on if he was addicted to methadone rather than heroin.