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metamorphosis / метаморфоза, метаморфоз, трансформация
имя существительное
metamorphosis, transformation, transmogrification
metamorphosis, metamorphose
transformation, metamorphosis
имя существительное
(in an insect or amphibian) the process of transformation from an immature form to an adult form in two or more distinct stages.
This is followed by a discussion of metamorphosis in insects and amphibians.
Larry, of course, has gotten a few laughs out of Laurie's metamorphosis .
his metamorphosis from presidential candidate to talk-show host
The cast handle this metamorphosis excellently.
If sufficient stimuli are present, the physiological process of metamorphosis is initiated within the larvae.
When it comes to national security, however, no one can say with assurance whether her metamorphosis is genuine.
Poster proceeds to outline his own metamorphosis over nine chapters.
Moralising interpretations generally explained physical metamorphosis as the external manifestation of the bestial nature within.
This political metamorphosis is not the one chronicled this week by the mainstream press in both Mexico and the United States.
So what kind of metamorphosis does the photograph as a form of animation effectuate?
Later, we see her in real terror as Namtar's metamorphosis takes hold and changes her very being.