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metalwork / металлические изделия, металлообработка
имя существительное
металлические изделия
hardware, metalwork
metalworking, metalwork
имя существительное
the art of making things out of metal.
Farming, carpentry, metalwork and leatherwork skills and services will be core activities.
The techniques Matthew and his fellow craftsmen use are more akin to woodworking than modern metalwork .
Roman luxury goods such as fine ceramic tableware, metalwork , and the amphorae containing wine, olive oil, and other foodstuffs from the Mediterranean, continued to be brought into Britain.
Trainees can specialize in two-year courses in joinery, metalwork , agricultural machinery maintenance, and construction skills.
The father-of-three enjoyed practical subjects like metalwork which he finds useful in his present job and the first aid course was helpful.
The exhibition provides endless proof of refinements of beauty in textiles and architecture, woodwork and metalwork , ceramics and miniature painting.
British art reached a magnificent peak, especially in metalwork , all swirling motifs and fine enamelling, but it concentrated on the equipping of warrior chiefs and possibly the adornment of shrines.
When I started teaching, it was about woodwork, metalwork , engineering and technical drawing.
Both volumes retain their original solid oak boards recessed to support panels of decorative metalwork which have been lost, no doubt at the Reformation.
Initially the main field developed by the company was manufacture of metalwork for objects of civil and industrial construction.
It's a scheme that also lends itself to metalwork and woodwork, she says.