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metadata / метаданные
имя существительное
a set of data that describes and gives information about other data.
In the context of biological informatics, metadata is an interoperability issue.
By giving immediate use to metadata, people add metadata .
Files that never change are backed up only once as are identical files, thanks to metadata - data about data.
When a file system's data or metadata becomes scrambled, data corruption ensues.
He maintains that any scheme that requires humans to input metadata with their data will fail.
First, it does not store any metadata changes, such as the permissions of a file or the renaming of a file.
Users need this information to contact the publisher of the displayed metadata .
Although metadata is integral to the Semantic Web, metadata on its own is far from sufficient.
For descriptive metadata it may even be an entry in a catalog if the catalog record can be adequately referenced.
Remember, metadata is a description of the data that accompanies the data in XML.
Commercial search engines practice automatic metadata generation in two situations.