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metabolize / преобразовывать
digest, metabolise
(of a body or organ) process (a substance) by metabolism.
If protein is provided continually, the extra protein and amino acids are metabolized by the body, requiring more energy.
Besides beneficial fiber, foods rich in complex carbs contain vitamins and minerals, which help your body digest, absorb, and metabolize protein, fat, and carbohydrates.
The less you eat, the less you metabolize , the fewer reactive oxygen species you generate, and the less damage you do to your cellular machinery.
Because of my metabolic problems, my body doesn't metabolize the food correctly.
the refined foods soon metabolize
They do not metabolize or they metabolize very slowly; they accumulate from dietary sources over time.
protease inhibitors interfere with the body's capacity to metabolize fat
They can produce lactate, which neurons can metabolize .
Whenever a bacillus starts to metabolize , it is killed by any drug that is active; priority between drugs is then determined by the speed with which bactericidal activity starts.
Ceasing caffeine consumption five to six hours prior to sleeping, thus allowing more time for the body to metabolize the caffeine, will lessen these side-effects.
Water suppresses the appetite and helps the body metabolize stored fat.