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messianic / мессианский
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
of or relating to the Messiah.
the messianic role of Jesus
It's a new, determined, almost messianic belief that the technology that caused all this trouble is what's going to save them now.
While this messianic hope exceeded all of life's experiential limits, it was conceived during the time of the Babylonian exile, at Israel's ‘ground zero.’
He pointed to his wonderful deeds, which fulfilled the messianic prophecies of the Old Testament and were wrought by the power of God.
This claim is made not on an historical basis but on a theological one with the assertion of God's fatherhood and anointing for the messianic ruler of God's people.
All is well, for despite being on the wrong animal, he is surrounded by followers full of messianic hopes.
The belief in the coming of the messianic era belongs to that latter kind of hope.
If so, also this theme in Jesus' messianic self-understanding has had an impact on the public life of society and the state, not least during the past thirty years in Latin America.
This change was a dramatic demonstration of Christ's message: the messianic community cannot be contained by old patterns, or be defined by past rituals, no matter how treasured they are.
In fact, the administration has a messianic commitment to destabilizing the area, under the rubric of ‘democratization.’
There can be no doubt from the tone set by Brian on Thursday at the bank's O'Connell Street branch that the group has gone for wooing customers with messianic zeal.