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mesmerize / гипнотизировать, очаровывать, зачаровывать
hypnotize, mesmerize, magnetize
fascinate, charm, enchant, captivate, mesmerize, enthrall
fascinate, mesmerize
hold the attention of (someone) to the exclusion of all else or so as to transfix them.
she was mesmerized by the blue eyes that stared so intently into her own
It glowed an eerie blue, which could mesmerize anyone.
It creaked as it made its kaleidoscope rounds and mesmerized me with the transitions from blue, to green, to red, and so on.
His image will always be that of leader to United's brilliant new generation, idol of the fans and mesmeriser of defences up and down the country.
And he was not alone in his skepticism - at least during the early stages of his career as the mesmerizer 's puppet: ‘Up to that time a dozen wise old heads, the intellectual aristocracy of the town, had held out as implacable unbelievers…
Not all of the mesmerizers act was without some peril for the subject.
I was mesmerized by the sound of its voice. He spoke in cursive writing, his words all flourish and curly letters.
They had deep sea blue eyes that mesmerized most men they came across.
It took about four hours to drive from Bismarck to Fargo, down Interstate 10, a long, flat, almost mesmerisingly straight road.
Reading, listening, even thinking, I was mesmerized by the sounds and the movement of words.
It's mesmerisingly perfect in every light and from every angle.