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mesmeric / гипнотический
имя прилагательное
hypnotic, mesmeric
имя прилагательное
causing a person to become completely transfixed and unaware of anything else around them.
she found herself staring into his mesmeric gaze
The effect is a lilting, mesmeric tidal flow of rhythm and melody - you might find yourself slipping into a trance, with or without the aid of controlled substances.
Some of them achieve a pleasingly mesmeric effect by their constant repetition of words like ‘match’ or ‘jump’, but to me they might as well be automatic writing.
Then they will play Over The Ocean, three minutes 47 seconds of mesmeric , heartfelt sorrow, and the audience will bite its collective lip to hold back the tears.
He did not use any of the hypnotic or mesmeric influences.
And its mesmeric power has been only slightly diminished by Adam and Joe's mercilessly spot-on soft-toy pee-take.
But her mastery of singular images was assured; and told from the heart, the story was mesmeric , powerful and moving.
This was a 30-minute piece of instantly mesmeric , but seemingly simple tones, and it demonstrated how a recording system could be made which would literally create its own music.
His reconstructed realities captivate participants with a mesmeric hold that lasts far beyond the temporal end of a work.
He had seen a summer camp counselor demonstrating hypnosis using mesmeric passes and postural sway tests and was intrigued by what he saw.
And there are mesmeric moments in Smith's performance where he does transform into this extraordinary man.