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mesh / меш, зацепление, сети
имя существительное
engagement, gearing, mesh
net, mesh, toils
interlock, mesh, gear, bite, pectinate
engage, mesh, hitch, mate, tooth
поймать в сети
имя существительное
material made of a network of wire or thread.
mesh for fishing nets
an interlaced structure.
cell fragments that agglutinate and form intricate meshes
(of the teeth of a gearwheel) lock together or be engaged with another gearwheel.
one gear meshes with the input gear
represent (a geometric object) as a set of finite elements for computational analysis or modeling.
The geometry is meshed with a mapping algorithm or an automatic free-meshing algorithm.
From my vantage point I had a full view as he entered the room and began constructing a complex mesh of bent wire and mirrors from pieces in a paper bag.
The finite element mesh subdivides the geometry into elements, upon which are found nodes.
If you are bothered by deer, rabbits or even cats, protect the bark with either some wire mesh fencing or a spiral tree guard that wraps around the trunk.
Both sides were closed off by large, steel mesh fences with barbed wire at the top, curling around the top support pole in a disarranged, uninviting pattern.
her memory of events doesn't mesh with the world around her
Curved, patchy sails of silk, canvas and mesh , attached by wire to metal frameworks, project in numerous directions.
choosing the icon allows you to automatically mesh your design
The Bird Castle offers protection to smaller birds which can enter through the two-inch mesh , but the holes are small enough to keep out cats or birds of prey like kestrels.
The back was a swirling mesh of bronze pipes, encasing deep red gems in random locations as well.
Parts are loaded on a chain driven, stainless steel turntable with a quick-draining round wire mesh basket that rotates at fixed speed.