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merrily / весело, оживленно
joyfully, cheerfully, lively, merrily, gaily, happily
lively, animatedly, vivaciously, merrily, sprightly, jazzily
in a cheerful way.
she laughs merrily , seemingly delighted by this little piece of knowledge.
without consideration of possible problems or future implications.
no candidate can denounce high public spending while merrily buying local votes with the taxpayers' money
A small fire crackled merrily on the hearth over which a kettle hung.
It was then that Trinity found herself sitting next to Ex on the couch, the merrily burning fire casting shades of golden light around the room.
a fire burned merrily in the hearth
A small fire cackled merrily in the marble fireplace.
He laughs merrily , but Sir Terence cuts him off: ‘You have to do it like this.
he threw back his head and laughed merrily
A number of lawn chairs and a canopied swing were encircled around a large, self-dug fire pit, in which a small orange fire was crackling merrily in the afternoon sun.
She laughed, merrily taking his hand in her own.
‘Perhaps it is from that fire,’ I said, indicating the fireplace, where a strong fire was cackling merrily away.
There are circular tables, in the center, candles in the center, burning merrily away, heedless of the storm and winds that buffet this building.