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merman / водяной, тритон
имя существительное
merman, nix, river-horse
triton, newt, eft, merman
имя существительное
the male equivalent of a mermaid.
We've all heard of mermaids, but know less of their male equivalent, the merman .
We've all heard of mermaids, but know less of their male equivalent, the merman .
Then a cloud crept into his mind and, as Laurea watched, he faded into a ghost of the merman she had known.
There was one family that had a high incidence of webbed fingers and they were believed to be the descendants of a coupling between a woman and a merman !
If I believed in the transmigration of souls, I should think I had been a merman in some former state of existence.
Among the subjects in the new publication are a merman , a dancing dwarf, three dragons and a ‘strange outlandish fowl’.
For years I had secret fantasies about turning into a fish, a merman or something aquatic - but at the same time I refused to set foot on the beach or go swimming.
Three times a day, behind a wall of four-inch-thick plate-glass, half a dozen mermaids - and the occasional merman - jive and pirouette in the world's only underwater spring theatre.
She learns how her mother fell in love with a merman , how her father was snatched away when Emily was a baby, and how her mother's memory was blocked by an agent of the merfolk.
Mermaids relaxing on the shoreline giggling and talking among each other while mermen watched from afar.
What if I don't care if the beautiful architecture of the city falls into the sea and all its inhabitants either drown or evolve into mermen ?