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merlin / кречет
имя существительное
merlin, gerfalcon
имя существительное
a small dark falcon that hunts small birds, found throughout most of Eurasia and much of North America.
As well as grouse watching, Dan and his colleagues also give informal tours around the reserve for young ornithologists keen to spot merlins , buzzards and ospreys.
имя существительное
(in Arthurian legend) a magician who aided and supported King Arthur.
Other wintering species include little egret, spoonbill, hen harrier, merlin , peregrine, green sandpiper and common sandpiper.
Maybe even merlin banding or who knows something to bring the exciting part of birding to the web.
Talin, merlin , and philopodin are other major members of the FERM superfamily.
Scurrying about in the woodland fringes, hedges and feeding sites are finches, tits and thrushes keep your eyes open for the occasional hen harrier, merlin and sparrowhawk.
Fish's organization provides charts to help bird-watchers predict the best viewing time for various raptor species, from the golden eagle to the merlin .
Collision-risk estimates suggest a similar death toll for merlin , a species of falcon, and the loss of between 200 and 250 red-throated divers.
The heather provides safe havens for ground nesting birds like curlew, lapwing, merlin , golden plover and the black grouse and the Moorland Association wants walkers to help keep the moors special.
Moorland ground nesting birds, such as curlew, lapwing, merlin and golden plover, are vulnerable to disturbance from humans and dogs, as well as predators, such as crows and foxes.
A peregrine falcon and a merlin swoop overhead, and the canyon soon curves to the left.
They include pine marten, wildcat, stoat and weasel as well as golden eagles, merlin , peregrine falcon, golden plover and in time black grouse and capercaillie.