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meritorious / похвальный, достойный награды
имя прилагательное
commendable, laudable, praiseworthy, creditable, meritorious, laudatory
достойный награды
meritorious, prize
имя прилагательное
deserving reward or praise.
a medal for meritorious conduct
Your Honours, despite the vigorously dismissive submissions by my friend, we maintain that this is a meritorious application.
‘Hutch’ was particularly interested in promoting the professional growth of deserving, meritorious young scientists.
None of these claims was remotely meritorious .
This would add to his kitty of three meritorious service entries, 31 rewards and the ‘commendation certificate’ from the Madurai District Collector on four occasions.
And the Court has repeatedly refused to bend on this point - even when possibly meritorious claims of people on death row have been at stake.
The proposed amendment should be prima facie meritorious .
As we remind ourselves the burden of proof is on the defendants, and the court must be assiduous not to strike out a claim which may be meritorious , even though the prospects of it being so are remote.
The school authorities identified three meritorious students from below poverty line families and gave them a helping hand.
If the plaintiff has a strong and apparently meritorious claim the court is reluctant to make an order which may have the effect of shutting the plaintiff out.
This being the case, does the rich man's help to the needy, on which he so readily prides himself as something meritorious , really deserve to be called beneficence at all?