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merely / просто, только, единственно
just, simply, merely, barely
only, alone, but, merely, solely, simply
only, solely, alone, merely, exclusively, entirely
just; only.
she seemed to him not merely an intelligent woman, but a kind of soul mate
it was merely a joke
It seems clear that its problems will not be solved merely by a makeover of what is already there.
I would say to your readers that I am a fond cat lover and I am merely making a valid point.
It is not merely a question of blurring the lines between public and private life.
Instead of the body of a book, Horn merely offers us the picture and the poetry beneath.
It will merely alert everyone else on the bus to the fact that you are irredeemably selfish.
Something that works as a wonder drug on an animal might kill you, or merely have no effect at all.
Unfortunately he is merely the head of a rabble of warlords who are firmly rooted in the past.
It would be easy to conclude that his politics were merely window dressing for mayhem.
Unfortunately, without wishing to speak ill of him, let me merely say he is a lawyer.