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mercury / ртуть, ртутный столб, ртутный препарат
имя существительное
mercury, quicksilver, hydrargyrum
ртутный столб
ртутный препарат
mercury, mercurial
имя прилагательное
mercury, mercurial
имя существительное
the chemical element of atomic number 80, a heavy silvery-white metal that is liquid at ordinary temperatures.
The wetlands dense foliage has the ability to handle heavy metals, like mercury , zinc, nickel and copper.
a plant of the spurge family.
имя существительное
the Roman god of eloquence, skill, trading, and thieving, herald and messenger of the gods, who was identified with Hermes.
a small planet that is the closest to the sun in the solar system, sometimes visible to the naked eye just after sunset.
a series of space missions, launched by the US from 1958 to 1963, that achieved the first US manned space flights.
Their body temperatures rise and fall with the mercury in the thermometer.
The mercury plunged to minus 7C in parts of Cheshire last night, to minus 10 in the Vale of York and minus 12 in Sennybridge, South Wales.
Through the puny window of this train called life, what we see is just our own morning blues, afternoon lows, sagging hopes and soaring mercury .
The mercury is rising from coast to coast and as the temperature increases, so do concerns about heat-related illness.
the mercury rises, the skies steam, and the nights swelter
Roads across the county suffered in last summer's heatwave when temperatures soared to record levels and mercury moved towards the 100F mark on thermometers.
MT proteins regulate blood levels of metals such as copper and zinc and serve to detoxify the body of mercury and other heavy metals.
Certain wild fish are contaminated with mercury , a heavy metal that damages your nervous system and may increase your heart attack risk.
With mercury soaring in Vijayawada, a crow takes to water to beat the heat.
Also, tuna is one of the species of fish that tends to be most contaminated with the heavy metal mercury .