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merciful / милостивый, милосердный, сострадательный
имя прилагательное
gracious, merciful, benign, clement, benignant
merciful, clement, charitable, gracious, beneficent, ruthful
compassionate, merciful, pitiful, compassive
имя прилагательное
showing or exercising mercy.
it was the will of a merciful God that all should be saved
They instilled fear into every ship that crossed their waters, though they often were merciful to those who surrendered.
May He show His face to you and be merciful to you.
My yearning and lust for this movie was unquenchable at the time, rivaling my current prayers for a quick and merciful death.
So the generous, merciful boys in blue gave him his own space.
The most the Old Testament writers hope for is a ripe old age ended by a quick and merciful death.
It's a merciful release from reliance on parents, one's own way to the movies or a friend's house.
For a while there, it didn't seem like it was ever going to happen but 1998 has finally come to a merciful end.
It continued: ‘You are merciful to all because you can do all things’.
With the unfairness of it all, the final whistle was a merciful relief.
It may be that the gods are merciful when they make our lives more unpleasant as we grow old.