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mercia / мерсия
имя существительное
a former kingdom in central England. It was established by invading Angles in the 6th century in the border areas between the new Anglo-Saxon settlements in the east and the Celtic regions in the west.
Bexley also gets a mention in 814 when King Kenulph, the King of the Mercians , granted lands at Bexley village to Wulfred, Archbishop of Canterbury.
I have lived at his side, administered his halls, sat at his table, poured wine for his kings, travelled the length and breadth of all his Mercian lands.
West Mercia Police
Bedford itself was already an important Mercian town during this time, providing a important part of Offa's defence against a possible Scandinavian invasion.
They are both serving with the Royal Mercian Lancastrian Yeomanry based at Wigan TA Centre.
He proved licentious and incompetent, and a revolt in 957 on the part of the Mercians and the Northumbrians resulted in a partition which left Edwy ruling Wessex, but Edgar as king in the north.