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merchandising / искусство сбыта
имя существительное
искусство сбыта
merchandising, merchandizing
имя существительное
the activity of promoting the sale of goods, especially by their presentation in retail outlets.
problems rooted in overexpansion and poor merchandising
promote the sale of (goods), especially by their presentation in retail outlets.
a new breakfast food can easily be merchandised
What mystified me was why I saw not a single character or piece of merchandising from The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Victor Hugo's dark tale set in Paris, and a smash Disney film.
The company runs sales promotions, in-store merchandising , direct marketing and market research for consumer and financial groups and retailers looking to gain exposure to the Russian consumer boom.
As jerky companies are putting more marketing dollars behind their products, retailers are responding with a more aggressive approach to in-store merchandising .
While character merchandising had been popular in other media since the 1930s, with Captain Video, DuMont began to tap television's tremendous capacity to meld fantasy and commerce.
His books have made him a multi-millionaire even though the income from film rights and merchandising has so far been negligible.
This position is based in San Jose and reports to the Creative Manager responsible for creative merchandising and marketing for both Buying and Selling areas of the site.
Accompanying the new lines are improved in-store merchandising and marketing that often target youths and stress lifestyle attributes.
the characters are still popular and found on a wide variety of merchandising
It short, it wanted to manage the Web site like its stores in terms of merchandising , promotions and markdowns.
Having fought to maintain some control over the film and merchandising , how does she view the booming market in Potterobilia?