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merchandise / товар
имя существительное
goods, commodity, merchandise, shipment
sell, market, sell out, vend, merchandise, merchandize
trade, sell, deal, traffic, merchandise, vend
имя существительное
goods to be bought and sold.
stores that offered an astonishing range of merchandise
promote the sale of (goods), especially by their presentation in retail outlets.
a new breakfast food can easily be merchandised
As the company's CEO explains, his firm will use Luuluu's applications to display and merchandise goods to its key retail customers.
You can book tickets to see any films on show at ODEON using any of the links below and look out for some competitions to win film merchandise , exclusive to anyone who books using these links.
Since most contracts continue through 2002, existing licensees will work on merchandise around the film, which is set to be released next summer.
People merchandise - television performers merchandise their children.
Every company that said it was going to start selling its merchandise over the Web could watch its stock soar.
The line proved so popular that Sony Japan bought the license and now uses the dolls as promotional merchandise .
Sutlers - those merchants authorized to peddle provisions in camp - sold such merchandise as soap, thread, and liquor.
The designer outlets offer permanent discounts, with up to 50% off and all merchandise sold is stock surplus to the high street stores.
‘The range of merchandise sold in the current shop has improved dramatically and it is now time to extend the services we offer to our customers,’ she said.
He was charged with the possession of a large quantity of merchandise protected by registered trademarks, and illegally selling the copyrighted merchandise .