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mercantile / торговый, меркантильный, коммерческий
имя прилагательное
trade, trading, commercial, sales, merchant, mercantile
commercial, merchant, mercantile
имя прилагательное
of or relating to trade or commerce; commercial.
the shift of wealth to the mercantile classes
имя существительное
a general store.
we walked to the local mercantile
As prices fall further, bank loans turn sour, and one or more mercantile houses, banks, discount houses, or brokerages fail.
Though not a rich man, my brother had earned a sufficient income in mercantile pursuits.
In the space of a generation we changed from an agrarian to a mercantile culture, from a stay-at-home society to one on the move.
In this respect, A Chaste Maid in Cheapside seems in effect to mirror an early phase of the radical expansion and rise to economic prominence of London's commercial and mercantile estates.
If the Legislature approves sweeping business tax reforms - replacing the business privilege and mercantile taxes with a payroll tax - the board wants to control money raised by the new levy.
The policy itself, however, was a devastating blow to China's coastal economy and her once thriving maritime mercantile ventures, creating a void later to be filled by the European trading powers.
It also represents the Min-Yue culture characterized by its contacts with the outside world and great emphasis on mercantile entrepreneurship.
The economic infrastructure to support its mercantile potential is not in evidence in Dublin.
Just as the ‘country’ banks regarded the notes of the eastern mercantile banks as equivalent to specie, so did the state banks regard the notes and drafts of the Bank of the United States.
By mercantile usage, a bank has a lien over commercial paper deposited by the customer in the ordinary course of banking business.