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menu / меню
имя существительное
menu, carte
имя существительное
a list of dishes available in a restaurant.
the waiter handed her a menu
The menu changes daily, food is locally sourced and cooked to order, and there's lots of fresh fish.
the waiter handed her a menu
Fortunately they had renovated both the restaurant and then menu , and the food was gorgeous.
They are already drawing up the guest list and the menu of champagne and cake for the wedding they hope to have this summer.
Business and conference guests will be targeted on weekdays, with a varied menu to include Indian dishes.
The menu lists not only the dishes, but also reveals the chef's kitchen secrets.
There is the odd posh word on the menu but most dishes are properly explained and do exactly what they say on the label.
Larga also provides guests with a northern menu of food such as bannock, caribou stew and fish.
The ground floor is billed as a wine bar but has a full menu , and the restaurant is on the first floor.
the waiter handed her a menu