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mentor / наставник, ментор, воспитатель
имя существительное
mentor, tutor, preceptor, monitor, schoolmaster, edifier
educator, mentor, upbringer
имя существительное
an experienced and trusted adviser.
he was her friend and mentor until his death in 1915
advise or train (someone, especially a younger colleague).
It says a new generation of leaders need to be mentored and trained, while collaborative work between groups could become a condition of funding.
Under the terms of the Trust, a mentor is to be provided for the successful students to assist and support them during their time at college.
It will not even allow me to say that I have been the best mentor and example for students, but I have always tried to be.
After four sessions with his mentor , the student was able to pass the course.
He is our mentor , our guide, and he possesses an intellect the size of a planet.
As the report describes, the mentor program has contributed to the career advancement of protégés.
He was a kind, gracious, and generous friend, and a mentor beyond compare.
She has become not only my musical mentor but also a friend of mine and of my family.
A good mentor can help a student or practitioner sort through the options and make decisions.
He was very encouraging and since then he has become a mentor and friend.
His father is more than a customer, however, serving as a mentor and adviser to Daly.