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mention / упоминание, ссылка, отзыв
имя существительное
mention, reference, allusion, citation, touching
link, reference, exile, ref, citation, mention
recall, comment, account, chit, mention
mention, refer, referee
mention, refer, name, make mention, note, allude
refer, cite, allude, plead, quote, mention
имя существительное
a reference to someone or something.
their eyes light up at a mention of Sartre
refer to something briefly and without going into detail.
I haven't mentioned it to William yet
he received a special mention and a prize of £100
Somehow Mr Walker forgot to mention the film's award.
He received a special mention in assembly on Friday, and was given a round of applause by his fellow pupils after they were told of the rescue.
In fact the survey question made no mention of shutting out vehicles, nor denying access to a major section of the Desert Park and to the gullies.
Before citing a few pertinent performance details, I must mention a curious error that appears in this production.
Financial advisers who conveniently forget to mention extra charges detailed in the small print of the contract are not uncommon.
two other points are worthy of mention
They deserve better and therefore are worthy of a mention here.
Of the Middle English poets, Chaucer is the one who displays most knowledge of wine, although he tends to mention different wines only briefly.
A close friend who has kept in regular touch with the dead man's wife Lorraine and four children said she has made no mention of the investigation into his death.