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mental / умственный, психический, мысленный
имя прилагательное
mental, intelligence, intellective, inward
mental, psychic, psychical
mental, ideal
имя существительное
psycho, crazy, loony, nut, nutcase, mental
wack, crackpot, mental, crazy-cat, coo-coo
имя прилагательное
of or relating to the mind.
mental faculties
of or relating to disorders of the mind.
a mental hospital
Why do you invest even one brain cell of your mental capital on figuring out his motivation?
Curri-San made a mental note to tell Rei about the compartments next time he saw her.
We left the rainforest clearing content in our minds about the mental and physical wellbeing of our son.
Many of his pieces mimic the effects of nature that we cannot see or simply do not make mental note of.
All the other dogs were going absolutely mental barking and he was sitting there really quietly in his cage.
She made a mental note on her mind to inquire about his personal life more when she sees him again.
mental hospital
Since it opened with its smart exterior a year ago I had made a mental note to visit the eatery.
That's one of the dangers for young actors - you get a bit of financial success and you go mental and blow it all.
Furthermore, the fact that a patient is suffering from a mental disorder cannot of itself mean that he lacks capacity.