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mensural / размеренный, мерный, мензуральный
имя прилагательное
measured, hasteless, regular, mensural, even
rhythmic, rhythmical, mensural
имя прилагательное
of or involving measuring.
mensural investigations
We measured the asymmetry of five mensural and seven meristic characters of 175 collared lizards from north-central Oklahoma.
A Josquin mensural canon highlighted the unusual nature of this group's repertoire and rounded off their stimulating recital with fresh imagination.
Table 1 shows the time signatures commonly found in Western mensural music since about 1700.
The method of investigation was substantially as follows: Tables of the minimum, maximum and average of the four mensural characters of a bird were selected for investigation, namely, length of wing, of tail, of tarsus, and of bill.
In Mensural Notation, several notes can be combined together to form ligatures.