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menses / менструации, регулы
имя существительное
menses, monthlies
имя существительное
blood and other matter discharged from the uterus at menstruation.
We collected data on age at and type of menopause (spontaneous or artificial); menopause was defined as the cessation of menses for at least one year.
The pain is typically worse with menses but can be present at any time during the menstrual cycle.
Obesity is likely to facilitate the metabolic abnormalities of PCOS, as evidenced by the reduction in insulin resistance and restoration of cyclic menses following weight loss.
a late menses
Those women who perceive their cyclicity as irregular may then view menstruation as a more serious event and experience greater difficulty in preparing psychologically or hygienically for the onset of their menses .
Her periods are short, her menses scant, and before each menstruation she experiences low back pain.
Usually what happens in migraine sufferers, as the estrogen levels fall off, and the menses begin, there's a tendency to develop headache.
Yet not only did my body crave the practice of yoga more strongly during my monthly menses than any other time, but both my psychic and physical powers were enhanced and more clearly available then as well.
Serum progesterone levels were obtained six, eight and 10 days after the expected day of ovulation, which was defined as 14 days before expected menses .
It is used to treat delayed menses and congested blood (especially in the lower pelvic cavity) and abdominal pains.
Premenstrual syndrome is a troublesome condition that is experienced by some women and occurs most commonly in the period of time just before menses .