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menial / слуга, лакей, подхалим
имя существительное
servant, servitor, man, manservant, valet, menial
footman, lackey, flunkey, flunky, lacquey, menial
sycophant, toady, bootlicker, waterboy, lickspittle, menial
имя прилагательное
servile, fawning, subservient, obsequious, creeping, menial
servile, menial
имя прилагательное
(of work) not requiring much skill and lacking prestige.
menial factory jobs
имя существительное
a person with a menial job.
Despite tall claims that a determined attempt to eradicate child labour has been initiated, hundreds and thousands of children are still languishing as menials in households, if not in hazardous industries.
As a menial , I was never told who these men were, never introduced to them, but I assumed they were the backers who had money at risk.
Approach everything menial as something special and it need never be menial again.
Cheng said they would often look for menial work in restaurants or labouring work around the city.
By contrast, women from high-class families had maids to take care of most household chores and other menial work and thus worked far less than men or women in lower socioeconomic groups.
The nearest university is a six to eight hours drive, so many of the children go on to work in a nearby factory doing menial labour.
Many refugees who were professionals in their countries now find themselves performing menial tasks or manual labor.
The lack of confidence and education forced some to work on menial tasks.
Regardless of whether she enjoyed the menial work of typing or selling or waitressing or clerking, she at least had freedom of movement to a degree.
Nor were we happy with how some of the churches educated, when they seemed to train the young primarily for menial pursuits such as domestics.
If Saturn lacks dignity it can indicate the lower regions of society: foolish people, down and outs, scavengers, beggars and employees who act as servants or menial staff to others.