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menfolk / мужчины, мужская часть семьи
имя существительное
menfolk, mankind
мужская часть семьи
имя существительное
a group of men considered collectively, especially the men of a particular family or community.
the menfolk of the village watch the goings-on
Aughness was once a busy village full of youthful exuberance, where the menfolk would return from England for the summer months to fish its rich waters.
Together they're singing - a lament that idles across the water, a chant of fishermen's wives reaching across the centuries, like hands to pull their menfolk back from the depths of the sea.
Nuala Ryan, said the women travellers, in the main, want to be housed but the menfolk do not, preferring to remain on the side of the road.
If you listen closely enough, you should be able to make out the angry words above the din: a cacophony of female voices raised to the rafters with one common message for their menfolk .
She had for some time, been shy around the menfolk of the village.
the menfolk of the village watch the goings-on
North Yorkshire women have been asked by police to nag their motorcycle-loving menfolk to ride with more restraint on the county's roads.
They are most disappointed as reciprocal support from the menfolk is very sparse indeed.
Although this service is compiled and organised by women, the menfolk will also be welcome to join in the service on Friday night.
I left Stone Town soon after lunch, just as the town's menfolk were heading back to their houses to take their afternoon siesta.