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mending / починка, ремонт, исправление
имя существительное
repair, mending, refit
repairs, repair, renovation, overhaul, rehabilitation, mending
correction, rectification, repair, redress, amendment, mending
имя существительное
things to be repaired by sewing or darning.
a muddle of books and mending
repair (something that is broken or damaged).
workmen were mending faulty cabling
Burginde was alone, sitting on her stool over some mending .
I was growing up to learn that sitting stretched out on a bed with somebody else's mending was really for people who have no ambition and no plans.
‘Once a week they had Troops Day when they could bring their mending ,’ she says.
She glared at Glint, who was crossing the deck with an armload of mending , causing the semi-innocent lass to hurry off guiltily.
If someone didn't want to bring their mending to us, there were two ladies Mrs. J. and Mrs. S. who ‘sewed for the public.’
a muddle of books and mending
I would so rather pay someone to (for example) finish all the mending in my sewing pile than worry about never ticking it off my list!
Now baffled, she walked back towards the table and sat, resuming her mending without another word to him.
a muddle of books and mending
Wednesday I stayed inside entirely and did some mending which had been waiting for me for a while.