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mendicant / нищенствующий, нищий
имя прилагательное
mendicant, begging
pauper, mendicant
имя существительное
beggar, pauper, mendicant, panhandler, Lazarus, lazar
beggar, panhandler, mendicant, canter, cadger, scrounger
монах нищенствующего ордена
имя прилагательное
given to begging.
Possibly it was sheer vanity and love of easily-won applause that drove him to act out the role of mendicant campus guru.
имя существительное
a beggar.
I thought of Dorothy Wordsworth who coined the phrase, ‘the rant and cant of the staled beggar’, as she complained of the mendicants she encountered in England's beautiful Lake District.
In her study of mendicant sermons on the Magdalen, for example, Katherine Jansen finds no real difference between the various orders of friars, all of which were actively encouraging their lay congregations to confess.
A fakir is an initiate in a mendicant Sufi order.
Early in the thirteenth century, the monastic map of western Europe was transformed by the emergence of the mendicant friars.
Out on the sidewalk of Pacific Avenue, Santa Cruz's main shopping street, the normal carnival of pedestrians, loiterers, court jesters, fools, and mendicant troubadours milled and mingled on a warm spring afternoon.
Clerical control seems to have ensured coherent planning of subject-matter and compositions throughout the choir; indeed he finds the cathedral glass remarkably free of lay influence, or of trends favoured by the mendicant orders.
The late Robert Brentano examines the interaction of the countryside and the city in terms of the mendicant friars who lived in and moved between both worlds.
With its mendicant and ascetic traditions, Buddhism has always been associated with non-violence, non-confrontation, and the inner or spiritual life.
With a cloth over his mouth to prevent his breath from inhaling any airborne creature, he spent the following nine years as a wandering, barefoot mendicant .
His role as a peripatetic mendicant allowed him a freedom to see every way of life and every corner of his civilization.
Possibly it was sheer vanity and love of easily-won applause that drove him to act out the role of mendicant campus guru.