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mendacity / лживость, ложь
имя существительное
mendacity, falsehood, deceit, lying, falseness, deceitfulness
lie, falsehood, lying, deception, untruth, mendacity
имя существительное
people publicly castigated for past mendacity
I have never understood this: I understand the ethical concerns surrounding infidelity, since mendacity is involved.
Companies which allocate blank cheques to management teams with a proven record of failure and mendacity , get what they deserve.
As the city gasps for fiscal air, it's only fair to be clear that the city's budget difficulties are a result of provincial mendacity and not local mismanagement.
There are examples of his mendacity - or his faculty for memory-loss and myth-making - that will affect people's lives.
This is a statement shot through with mendacity .
We demand that the media present the facts in an even-handed manner, investigate indications of corruption and mendacity , and spare us the trivia.
Hopefully, he will never know that there had been two delivery charges paid (for there were two deliveries, after all) plus a tenner to the driver for his mendacity .
When will they be held accountable for their mendacity ?
It's a long turgid document of breathtaking mendacity .
His history of mendacity is so intense and so long lasting that he wouldn't understand the truth if he fell over it.