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mendacious / лживый, ложный
имя прилагательное
false, lying, deceitful, mendacious, sklent, two-faced
false, spurious, mock, dummy, pseudo, mendacious
имя прилагательное
not telling the truth; lying.
mendacious propaganda
The common treatment of the monopoly question is thoroughly mendacious and dishonest.
It is quite possible that his only truly shameful act was his abandonment of his daughter and her mother, not to mention his mendacious behaviour toward my mother.
Another strand recounts the author's debilitating experiences with the music industry in all its mendacious vainglory.
He has lied about his school and college results and his credit cards have more bounce than Beyoncé, so this mendacious chap needs to mend his ways.
It is an outright lie, a fabrication by a mendacious and unscrupulous writer.
He wanted me to know the sort of country I was living in and what was going on around me, in defiance of the chronically mendacious official propaganda.
He's mendacious and obnoxious, so what accounts for his appeal?
It makes me think we are dealing with a vain mendacious man who clung to power as long as he possibly could wrapped in a cloud of vainglory and falsehood, when he should have had the good grace to go quietly long ago.
If the emphasis does not change, moving away from the meaningless and mendacious form-filling of the current regime, the wool will continue to be pulled over the eyes of the public and the regulator.
That promise has been revealed as mendacious nonsense.