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mend / чинить, исправлять, улучшаться
repair, fix, mend, darn, bodge, do up
correct, fix, mend, rectify, repair, reclaim
improve, better, get better, ameliorate, develop, mend
имя существительное
improvement, enhancement, betterment, amelioration, development, mend
заштопанная дырка
заделанная трещина
имя существительное
a repair in a material.
the mends were so perfect you could not even tell the board had been damaged
repair (something that is broken or damaged).
workmen were mending faulty cabling
Drastic decisions should essentially be avoided unless you have done everything you sincerely feel you should have in order to mend the adverse situation.
the mend was barely visible
I will take a sensitivity training class and attempt to mend my chauvinistic ways.
No law that attempts to mend the damage from the breakdown of a family will fit each family's circumstance perfectly.
California went through all this many years ago, and is still paying for it and trying to mend the damage its water diversion schemes have created.
‘We realize that our mistakes have placed us in a complicated situation, therefore we wish to mend it,’ Endriartono said.
The play, she hoped, could serve as a mirror for us to see our own reflection, which eventually, might mend the broken love between us.
To mend the situation Dr. Morrow suggests that each partner demonstrate how important the relationship is by making changes in behavior such as putting each other first and the family second.
The project may also include attempts to mend frayed relations between management and employees.
The sergeant has come instead for a blacksmith who can promptly mend the broken cuffs so that they can be put to use this afternoon in the hunt for two escaped convicts.