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memorize / запоминать, заучивать наизусть, увековечивать память
memorize, mark
заучивать наизусть
memorize, con, study
увековечивать память
memorialize, memorize
commit to memory; learn by heart.
he memorized thousands of verses
If all we do is memorize a list of facts, learning history won't do us a lot of good.
The difference this time is that the student is shown the symbols and advised of their names and asked to learn and memorize them.
Compose fun rhymes, songs or raps to help them memorize study material and make homework fun.
Folklore and legends were retold by the bards, who used devices such as alliteration and rhyme, as well as a compendious store of stock phrases, to aid memorisation and recall, allowing them to instantly ‘compose’ a poem for any occasion.
Rather, we found that superior memorisers used a spatial learning strategy, engaging brain regions such as the hippocampus which are critical for memory and for spatial memory in particular.
Mental practice might be used while learning or memorizing a piece in preparation for performance.
The aim was to develop an internal model of the music to be studied, memorizing both the notes and the way those notes were performed.
A memoriser from Malaysia, Dr. Yip Swee Chooi, recently launched this programme titled ‘Amazing Memory’ designed for children aged nine years and above at Ideal Play Abacus India.
Compared with the run-of-the-mill rememberers, exceptional memorizers displayed greater activity in three brain areas linked to spatial memory and navigation.
She dialed in his number, memorizing it by heart in case she ever needed a back-up buddy to brighten her day.