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memorable / незабываемый, памятный, достопамятный
имя прилагательное
unforgettable, memorable, never-to-be-forgotten
memorable, commemorative, memorial
имя прилагательное
worth remembering or easily remembered, especially because of being special or unusual.
this victory was one of the most memorable of his career
Last time, it was an early morning run around Central Park which was a memorable experience.
Every line that he sang over the decades has become memorable in some way or the other.
They've shown that there is more to advertising than a catchy slogan and a memorable logo.
This is why if something memorable happens you may remember it years down the line.
The glorious weather made it a memorable day with long queues for ice-cream and cold drinks.
While details are blurred by the years, the most memorable moments have new definition.
In fact, the comments in the two letters have spoilt for me what was meant to be a meaningful and memorable day.
It was a truly memorable night for all of them, an occasion to relish for years to come.
he had a memorable accent
The memorable trips are there, captured in old photographs that rarely see daylight.