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membrane / мембрана, оболочка, перепонка
имя существительное
membrane, diaphragm, capsule
shell, casing, skin, sheath, envelope, membrane
membrane, web, film, diaphragm
имя существительное
a pliable sheetlike structure acting as a boundary, lining, or partition in an organism.
Osmosis is important in food preparation because the cell walls of living organisms are semipermeable membranes .
Fibers in the wing membrane added structural support and stiffness.
The ridge of the roof is a water channel from which water overflows onto the thin roofing membrane of stone and glass.
the concrete should include a membrane to prevent water seepage
Structurally it is a membrane surrounding the heart, and physiologically it protects the heart.
the concrete should include a membrane to prevent rising damp
the nucleus is a distinct region with a membrane around it
The cost of labor is virtually the same as for the thinner membrane , but puncture resistance is greatly enhanced.
Carefully slice away the thin membrane which covers the monkfish tail, to reveal the firm white meat.
So many layers of colour have been piled on the canvas that a rubbery membrane of paint hangs over the sharp edges of the frame.
the mucous membrane