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member / член, участник, представитель
имя существительное
member, term, part, limb
party, participant, member, partner, participator, partaker
representative, spokesman, member, agent, delegate, deputy
имя существительное
an individual, thing, or organization belonging to a group.
a member of the drama club
a constituent piece of a complex structure.
the main member that joins the front and rear axles
a part or organ of the body, especially a limb.
The skeleton, which is formed by the union of about 200 bones, is divided like the body into head, trunk, and members .
He's been an active member in the Society of Travel Writers for over 40 years.
he became a member of the society
they welcomed him like a member of the family
a member of the drama club
When the honeymooners retire to the bedroom, his wife runs out screaming about the hugeness of his member .
I was an active member of the Tolkien Society at the time of the first film.
she's an active member of Greenpeace
Kim was a college student from South Korea and an active member of the Film society in his university.
A finite sporadic simple group is a finite simple group which is not a member of one of the standard infinite families.
He could feel his voice becoming huskier and his member was becoming uncomfortably hard in his wet jeans.