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meltdown / расплавление
имя существительное
melting, meltdown, fusion
имя существительное
a disastrous event, especially a rapid fall in share prices.
the 1987 stock market meltdown
an accident in a nuclear reactor in which the fuel overheats and melts the reactor core or shielding.
I was 21 years old and it was three days after the partial meltdown of the reactor core.
the story will revolve around her meltdown following the accident
Fearing a meltdown , the reactor officer shuts down the submarine's main source of power.
Even as a result of the only major meltdown , at Three Mile Island in the United States a quarter of a century ago, no lives were lost.
Somewhere along the way, a pipe bursts in the reactor core and meltdown begins.
Lipsio said he took little comfort in knowing that the meltdown at the Palm Beach elections office happened during a trial to help spot such problems.
First there was the Nasdaq meltdown and the devastation of the dotcoms and the idea of the casual workplace.
A year ago one of the company's nuclear plants came dangerously close to a core meltdown .
They show you presentations of how top military bases were hacked and nuclear installations almost brought to meltdown .
In May 1967 radioactivity was released into the environment when fuel caught fire in a reactor and suffered a partial meltdown .
the 1987 stock market meltdown