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melt / таять, растопить, плавиться
melt, thaw, dissolve, defrost, evanish
melt, kindle, light
melt, fuse
имя существительное
fuse, melting, melt, fusion, smelt, cast
расплавленный металл
melt, smelt
имя существительное
an act of melting.
the precipitation falls as snow and is released during the spring melt
make or become liquefied by heat.
place under the broiler until the cheese has melted
make or become more tender or loving.
she was so beautiful that I melted
leave or disappear unobtrusively.
the compromise was accepted and the opposition melted away
Another effect will be to lower the peraluminosity and decrease the lime content of the melt .
He's grabbed some hamburgers, coke, and for you Amber, I told him to get you water and a cheese melt .
Multiyear ice is defined as ice that has survived a minimum of two summer melt seasons.
The amount of melt is critical in maximizing the thickness of the recrystallized zone around the container and to the sealing of any fissures in the zone of metamorphism.
Frayed nerves and tense muscles seemed to melt in the viscous liquid that poured out of the brass container suspended above me.
Days of heavy rain and a sudden melt of snow on the North York Moors were blamed for the rapidly-rising river levels.
There is also a range of light meals (such as tuna melt or steak 'n' cheese sandwiches), plus desserts.
This suggests that melting of basement rocks at a deeper crustal level, with some input of juvenile melt from the mantle, may have generated the dyke.
If you need emergency water, melt the snow first and then drink liquid water.
And the way she had - her demeanor with people, it just - it causes people to melt .