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melody / мелодия, мелодичность
имя существительное
melody, tune, note, strain, air, descant
melody, fruitiness
имя существительное
a sequence of single notes that is musically satisfying.
he picked out an intricate melody on his guitar
It has been said that in Schubert's music the melody stands for life and the harmony for death.
As with the chord of the diminished seventh in the past, these bring a new colour to the melody and the harmony.
Accordingly, harmony becomes the fundamental texture of music, and melody a more superficial constituent.
Still, these are threads rather than a dialogue until the piano plays an infectious melody around which the music weaves a joyous romp.
The band will probably branch out into new musical areas, like melody and proper chord progression.
Also included is the Hungarian composer Zoltan Kodaly, a master of melody and of his country's folklore.
Voicing in many pieces is made more advanced by placing the melody in the same hand as many moving sixteenth notes or triplets.
Also, in bar 5 the bass is in thirds with the melody while in all other versions it is in sixths.
The haze of sound he creates actually does activate those harmonics and their subtle movement is the real melody of the music.
Consistently elevating each of these fourteen tracks above the clones are the pair's ear for melody and sense of musical humor.