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melodrama / мелодрама, театральность
имя существительное
theatricality, histrionics, melodrama
имя существительное
a sensational dramatic piece with exaggerated characters and exciting events intended to appeal to the emotions.
Greta Garbo played tragic lovers, exotic temptresses and steely heroines, anchoring many mediocre melodramas and haughty period pieces like a pro.
a play interspersed with songs and orchestral music accompanying the action.
He wrote songs, operas, and operettas, pantomimes, melodramas , and in 1823, a History of Music.
I think in general it's a great study of how to push right to the line that separates high drama, melodrama even, from parody.
Instead of a crime-does-not-pay melodrama , the play became an acute study of marital and psychological disintegration
Their hostility finds the right balance of melodrama and reality, making you feel for them while wishing you could shake them into understanding one another.
I've always had a problem with the musical genre of melodrama - the use of a speaker with music.
Nonetheless they showed Andersen a way to write stories with unhappy endings while avoiding the sentimentality and melodrama that plague his novels.
I went reluctantly to Bingley Little Theatre's production of the Victorian melodrama with music East Lynne.
One of the film's many strengths is that it never descends into melodrama or sentimentality.
They imitated the Hollywood genres of comedy, melodrama , musicals and Westerns.
he gloated like a villain in a Victorian melodrama
Wonderful music, emotional plots, trend-setting song sequences and much melodrama have been the hallmarks of his films.