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melodious / мелодичный, певучий, музыкальный
имя прилагательное
melodic, melodious, tuneful, musical, sweet, harmonious
melodious, ariose
musical, melodious, philharmonic
имя прилагательное
of, producing, or having a pleasant tune; tuneful.
the melodious chant of the monks
In her clear, melodious voice, she stated that she was naturally empathic-she could feel the emotions of others- and that she was a telepath.
I also enjoyed Howard Shelley's playing in the concluding Allegro moderato which is also very melodious .
Thanks for adding your rich voice to this melodious group.
Running her tiny fingers on the keyboard, Ksemya plays such melodious music that the after-effect lingers on for a while.
An enterprising and chirpy Manju enthralled the crowd with her melodious voice.
They sang beautifully, several melodious old tunes I'd never heard before.
Her parents were Carnatic music teachers too, and her home was always full of melodious voices.
By comparison, their playing was straight, sometimes lumpy, with no attempts to arch the phrases in a melodious fashion.
The cassette has one soulful, melodious stretch of instrumental music that is sure to be soothing to anyone listening to it.
Liszt tells the poet's story with music that is memorably melodious and dramatic; this is one of the highlights among the thirteen.